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Can we say sydney was really bored when she made this?! yes i was!! well if u were on the bus ride home frm winter going to springs plant or weston u would understand but let me explain

Me(sydney)Shauna, Robin, London and ashley really didnt want to leave NFTY so we decided to make a place where we never have to leave our friends...the NFTY Mansion...like the play boy mansion...yea it seemed fun but we wanted to be somewhat secluded....so an island would work perfectly!

No ur thinking...wow what huge dorks! yes we are! LOL!

So join if u want! post what ever u want! it doesnt have to be related to NFTY or anything like sya i wanted to post

"I like eggs" yea i could! lol bc im a huge dork! lol

Sydney Shauna Ashley London and Robin